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Vanderlande’s people are key to the future development of our organisation and we place a strong emphasis on teamwork and individual responsibility. We offer an innovative, technical working environment with a wide range of personal development opportunities, thanks in part to the Academy and our Talent Development Programmes.

If you are just about to start out on your career, then Vanderlande provides you with some exciting opportunities. We challenge you to solve our pre-defined assignments, or create new ones with us. We ensure that you have everything you need to get started, including world-class training facilities.

An internship at Vanderlande gives you the opportunity to tackle complex business challenges, and build relationships and skills for life. We offer an inspirational international environment, innovative technology, an informal culture and passionate colleagues. You will be guided by a mentor, so that your personal development is continually moving forward.

In addition, you will receive numerous benefits, , such as travel compensation (if applicable), flexible working hours and attendance at events organised by Fresh Vanderlande. An internship is the perfect way to check if you can envisage yourself working for Vanderlande.

  • Bachelor/master students
    Bachelor internships usually take place in the third year of your studies and last three to nine months. The main focus is on getting experience in your chosen discipline. The internships also contain mandatory assignments from colleges/universities for which you will receive sufficient time and support.
  • Secondary vocational education (MBO) students
    We offer MBO internships in the following areas:

    Production plant
    This enables you to get acquainted with all aspects of the metal working process. After this, you will get the opportunity to specialise in a specific area.

    ICT Service Desk
    You will be responsible for accepting, logging, monitoring and dealing with first- and second-line incidents and service requests.

    Working students
    During the third or fourth year of your studies, your academic schedule is not always full. This gives you time to gain experience at Vanderlande. Being a working student at Vanderlande means that you will support a team with their daily activities, which can extend to full projects.

    You will also be able to develop your own knowledge and get to know our organisation. It is a great way to boost your CV and/or kick-start your career at Vanderlande!

    To meet the minimum requirements, you must be:

    - available at least one day a week during a full academic quarter
    - at least in your third academic year in either software or engineering

    Students who have successfully fulfilled their internship at Vanderlande are more than welcome to apply for a position as a working student. If you’re up for the challenge, you can apply at internship@vanderlande.com.

Graduation project (bachelor and master students)
Your graduation project is defined in close cooperation with you, your college/university and Vanderlande. A mentor will be appointed to guide you through the project and you will finish the project with a graduation thesis.

This usually takes a couple of months to complete, during which time you are free to work either on site at Vanderlande or at home. If you can’t see the graduation project you’re looking for, please check the information under ‘Applying’ for the correct way forward.

If you are you interested in an internship, graduate project or becoming a working student at Vanderlande, then please follow these steps:

Check for available internships or assignments in Europe or North America.
We have defined many assignments and we have made it easy for you to apply directly. If there is not a suitable assignment for you, please apply for the assignment entitled:
‘Internship: several technical assignments for interns/graduates’.

  • Upload your CV and covering letter
    Please ensure that you add your CV and covering letter, in which you specify your motivation and the assignment you’re looking for. We aim to respond within two weeks.
  • Interview
    If there is a match between your profile and the assignment, we will invite you for an interview with a Vanderlande employee (usually your future mentor). You will get the opportunity to tell us more about yourself, your abilities, why you would like to do the assignment at Vanderlande and discuss the subject in more detail.
  • Offer
    If you and your mentor decide to proceed with the assignment, our recruitment department will plan and prepare for your time with Vanderlande.
  • Getting started!
    Your mentor will show you the ropes and be your main point of contact during the assignment. Upon completion, you will have a final evaluation with your mentor.
Vanderlande really helped me to define the best project in support of my studies, and my mentor offered incredible support at every stage. I can’t wait to join Vanderlande full-time and begin the next chapter of my career.

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