Traineeship 2019

The Vanderlande Traineeship Project Management is the ideal start to your career and an excellent way to get to know the company. It will also put you on the fast track to global opportunities. Over the course of two to three years, you will take on three interesting and prestigious positions within Vanderlande, each lasting approximately 6 to 12 months. Our experience indicates that this timeframe provides trainees with the optimal learning curve.

After this pressure cooker of accelerated learning and gaining valuable experience, you will take on the position of Project Leader or Project Manager. In these positions, you will lead complex projects in international multidisciplinary teams for key customers in the airport, warehousing and parcel markets.

In order to prepare for an all-round leadership role, you will be immersed in exciting and challenging trainee assignments, for example in engineering, R&D (research and development) and life-cycle services. You will also spend a significant part of your traineeship participating in Vanderlande’s international and dynamic projects.

Apply now!

The Vanderlande Traineeship kicks off in September 2019, and 4 positions are available. Are you interested in the Traineeship Project Management? Please upload your cover letter and a recent resume before April 14th 2019. Go to the vacancy for more detailed information about the traineeship and to apply.

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