Business Domain Data Steward Finance

Business Domain Data Steward Finance

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Pune I, India.
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Full time
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About the Role
The Business Domain Data Steward executes data governance activities on a day-to-day basis and ensures that specific data sets are managed, and the quality is guaranteed across the data lifecycle. The Business Domain Data Steward is a subject matter expert for their domain and typically forms the link between the data domain and the consumers of the data. The Business Domain Data Steward can wear multiple hats over time, by being the ‘Go to’ person for the Business Domain with regards to data, deployed business data products and data quality, being a trusted resource ensuring that the organization is compliant with data related legislations and being an advocate of data in the organization on educating people in best practices and technology.

Consolidation & Reporting (C&R) department 
The Business Domain Data Steward in Finance is a member of the Consolidation & Reporting (C&R) department within Group Control, with a functional line to the Masterdata Management department.
C&R is accountable to setup the Data & Reporting capability in Finance, to support the Organization in fact based decision making, by providing financial insights through high quality and governed data. 


Data governance
•Defines the data governance within their own data domain;
•Defines, maintains/optimizes, enforces and monitors data policies, processes, procedures and business rules and drive their adoption within the Business Domain;
•Delivers input on the overarching data governance strategy, data policies and guiding principles;
•Assists Data Consumers and Analytics Product Manager to investigate data issues, taking responsibility for driving additional investigation through to resolution;
•Supports the Analytics Product Manager with the Structured Approach (e.g. with data to source mapping and data assessments);
•Defines and agrees on the delivery of fit for purpose data to Data Consumers, in alignment with Analytic Translator and Business Domain Owner;
•Participates in data steward community, led by the Executive Data Steward, to ensure cross-business domain alignment;
•Aligns data policies and business rules with the Business Domain Data Stewards of the other business domains;
•Provides and maintains business metadata in the data dictionary for owned data assets;
•Raise the level of data literacy in the business domain;
•Escalates data issues to the Business Domain Owner (Data Owner);
•Owns the business data products and manage e.g. the authorizations.

Data quality
•Oversee at the data required and the data streams for their business domain. In case of improvements (s)he must organize the alignment with the other domain data stewards in the Data Governance Council but is not responsible for the data quality in the other domains;
•Define data quality acceptance criteria, critical data elements, KPIs as well as setting corresponding targets for data quality;
•Takes measures to ensure the data quality of the business domain by means of design, monitoring/assess, and continuously improving the data quality of the business domain and system data asset(s) in close alignment with the respective business domain and belonging business capabilities;
•Implement workflows, data quality KPIs and related measures aligned with the vision of the central data organization;
•Assists Data Consumers to investigate data issues, taking responsibility for driving investigation through to resolution and driving the resolution process (i.e. reviewing, coordinating, resolving);
•Resolve data quality issues in a cost-effective and timely manner including consideration of service level agreements between the Central Data Organization and the business domain;
•Works together closely with Master Data Steward on Master Data Governance and Master Data Quality topics.

•Understands the data and potential issues that might emerge;
•Practical knowledge of the business processes in which the data is created and/or used;
•Strong awareness of the consumers of the data;
•Experience with profiling data and reporting on data quality metrics;
•Ability to refine and implement data governance processes and policies and drive ownership within their domain;
•Applied experience with data governance and data quality technology (e.g. knowledge of SQL, PowerBI, Snowflake is recommended);
•Ability to cooperate & collaborate with Business Domain Owner, Analytics Product Manager, Business Capability Owners, Subject Matter Experts and Data Consumers to ensure data availability and quality;
•Strong communication and problem-solving skills.