Capability Owner – Record to Report (R2R)

Capability Owner – Record to Report (R2R)

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Pune I, India.
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The Process Owner R2R is responsible for the global design of the processes in their specific area: from the scoping of the processes and its purpose to set the required (source) systems and infrastructure, the required data (streams), the level of automation and the required (supporting) tools. Identifying the in- and output, the quality norm of the process, the service levels to agree on and the criteria to measure the quality and performance. The PO identifies the roles to execute tasks in the process, the level of localisation and/or centralization and the dependencies with other processes. The PO is responsible to shape the Global one way of working and ensures implementation of this standard by instructing and guiding operations and identifies, assesses and approves of deviations on this global standard. The PO is responsible for maintenance and adjustments/updates of the processes and all its requirements and for identifying and monitoring controls to govern the reliability and quality of the processes. The PO pursuits to meet efficiency and effectiveness – fit for purpose –  through optimizing the process with an E2E consideration, in strong collaboration with related PO’s and aligns all people involved in their process scope.

As member of the Finance Design board, the PO represents and shapes the roadmap for finance in cooperation with the other finance capability owners.

Vision, Strategy, Leadership & Transformation
Drives improvement of the processes  and gets these on the (Finance) roadmap through the process owner board Finance 
Approves deviations in the process (their scope) and secures documentation of these deviations
Drives change through process community network 
Mobilizes and engages people
Educates community on the E2E purpose and how the processes fit in there – why they are what they are
Aligns with community and stakeholders (other PO’s) on E2E process effectiveness – in line with strategy
Is updated and educated in new developments in the market around these processes and required systems and tools (network)
Verifies operational effectiveness and efficiency with operations (based on performance measures and escalations)
Translates process to processing and visa versa
Relies on experts (tools, systems, legislation, policy owners, etc.)

Operational Delivery
Design, roll out and maintain process and capability book
Designs controls and roll out controls (Internal Control Framework and J-SOX)
Drives Finance roadmap agenda with CI organization and through approval of Finance Design Board
Aligns and improves all interfaces of process with adjecting process owners
Approves deviations and secures that these are documented
Sets Key performance Indicators and follows up with Regional FSSC managers
Drives automation and efficiency in their process
Takes part in Global CI projects to secure E2E vision/represent process and assess impact on owned process
Keeps up to date through benchmarking in and outside of VI
Optimizes tool usage through IT/SAAS

Continuous Improvement
 Initiate improvements and drives them to secure process improvement
Owner of improvements projects


We are looking for a strong financial with a bachelor/master in accounting