HSE Officer III

HSE Officer III

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Lima, Peru.
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Full time
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Implement, document and maintain the occupational health and safety management system based on the Applicable Law and other requirements of the client and Vanderlande.

Ensure that safe work procedures, methods and processes are developed and implemented for all work activities in accordance with Applicable Law and Prudent Industry Practices.

Ensure that health and safety information is efficiently communicated to all employees, Subcontractors, visitors and/or any third party under Vanderlande's responsibility, through the established training-training programs.

Implement and maintain Vanderlande's occupational health and safety plan (Plan SSOMA) that will regulate in detail compliance with all obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Objectives, Peruvian regulations such as Law No. 29783, Health and Safety Law at Work, its present and future regulations and modifications, Standard G.050 Safety during construction, the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations for the Construction Sector D.S 011-2019-TR, ISO 45001:2018 Standard, and the rules and regulations and Applicable Laws.

Implement and maintain the Annual Occupational Health and Safety Program.

Develop, implement and maintain the identification of specific legal requirements (Legal Requirements Identification Matrix) in terms of occupational health and safety that may be applicable to the execution of the Works.

Implement and maintain hazard identification, risk assessment and control (IPERC).

Implement and maintain the Occupational Health Plan.

Implements and maintains the Emergency Preparedness and Response procedure.

Implement and maintain the COVID-19 surveillance, prevention and control plan at work.

Develop, implement and maintain a list of the following procedures, which depending on the scope, must be developed. The procedures are:

  • Written permission for high-risk work-PETAR (Height, Lifting and others);
  • Safe Work Analysis (ATS);
  • Behavior-based safety program;
  • Storage and manual handling of loads;
  • Color code and signage;
  • Minimum requirements for work clothes and personal protective equipment;
  • Alcohol and drug control;
  • Scaffolding and ladders;
  • Inspections;
  • Handling of hazardous substances;
  • Operation and driving of vehicles;
  • Internal traffic control;
  • or Communications;
  • Management of subcontractors;
  • Collective protections;
  • Order and cleanliness;
  • Hand tools and portable equipment; Y
  • or power tools.

In addition to the procedures for high-risk activities:

  • Work at height;
  • Hot work;
  • Work in confined spaces;
  • Works with electrical energy;
  • Lifting and crane work (Izaje);
  • Lockout/tagout procedure;
  • Work with dangerous / radioactive substances.

Develop, implement and maintain to identify the specific hazards of all work activities, before performing them, which will be included and evaluated in the Safe Work analysis (“ATS”).

Keep up to date the information of the incidents and/or accidents registered in the project, for the issues of SSO and Environment and communicate in a timely manner according to the requirements of the client and Vanderlande.

Comply with weekly and monthly reports from Vanderlande and the Client. The report must include the following:

  • Record of on-site inspections;
  • Record of training, inductions, safety talks;
  • The number of people/hours worked;
  • Work permits for the period (PET, PETAR);
  • Identification, evaluation and control of risks (IPERC);
  • Report of Accidents, Dangerous Incidents, Illnesses and Occupational Incidents;
  • Accident rate indicators;
  • Internal and/or external audit reports;
  • Occupational monitoring report;
  • Behavior-Based Safety Project Report;
  • Occupational Health and Safety Statistics of the Project;
  • Record of Non-conformities;
  • Activities carried out during the week and/or month regarding occupational health and safety management;
  • Record of the lifting of Issues.
  • Activities carried out in the COVID-19 Surveillance Plan.

Ensure the integration of the provision of the service through active participation with the operations team, to favor the proper functioning of the provision of the service.

Carry out any other matter that, in accordance with the position, functions and contractual requirements, is the responsibility of this position.

Represent Vanderlande in meetings with the client or any other company assigned by the client to carry out their supervisory functions in the project.

Prepare the final work dossier on safety, health and environment.

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HSE Officer

Lima, Peru

5 years in the SSOMA area in construction projects. Driving license Spanish and English (intermediate)

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