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Project Manager

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Singapore II, Singapore.
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Vanderlande is the global market leader in Airport & Parcel Solutions, and sorting systems for Warehouse Solutions. Working within the Project Delivery team for Airport & Parcel Solutions, the Project Manager will execute the delivery of complex automation system projects into dynamic, evolving and challenging airport and parcel environments in the APAC region.

Position : Project Manager

The Project Manager will be flexible, self-reliant, driven, and will provide ownership in managing and leading activities in the delivery of each project from customer order through to final acceptance. These activities could be (but not limited to); planning, procurement, commercial, contractual, financial, documentation, stakeholder management and risk & issue management. This is an ideal role for those looking to develop into more senior project management roles.

Job Description

  • Solve abstract problems and takes over concern by being proactive (initiative): definition of the problem is the first step.
  • Manages the process: attention focused on the acceptance of the solution by the stakeholders, not just the contents.
  • Looks further than own field and integrates. Is mature sparring partner of management.
  • Innovation concerns groups, not individuals/cases.
  • Manages medium to large projects (indication project size: up to 20M). In addition to proven technology, limited new technology must also be implemented.
  • Scope is more like extension of running operation instead of innovation of operation of organizational processes. Improvement instead of innovation.
  • Manages contracts with high risk, with minor effect on org. strategy.
  • Profound understanding of contracts and able to effectively mitigate related risks.
  • Understands claim avoidance and when necessary, claim handling.
  • Comes up with challenging but do-able project plan and leads the realization.

Job Requirements:

  • Successfully completes large / complex projects.
  • Self-reliant in drawing up challenging project plan, in getting the plan accepted and in realizing it.
  • Manages quality, time, costs (profit), provision of information and expectations.
  • Strong negotiator (additional work) for customer and suppliers.
  • Settles contract issues professionally.
  • Manages stakeholders at management level.
  • Ability to mobilize internal organization.
  • Tough negotiator with customer and subcontractors. Manages contract issues in a professional way.
  • Spots leads for business and capitalize on these opportunities.
  • Multi-disciplined.
  • Ability to work within an international work environment and different cultures. This includes travelling, flexibility.


  • Bachelor degree Mechanical or Electrical engineering
  • 7+ Yrs Project Management experience. Preferably in Airports and Parcel.
  • Delivering projects in the South East Asian region would be an advantage
  • Fluent written and spoken English