Quality & Documentation Control Engineer

Quality & Documentation Control Engineer

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Job area
Jeddah (JED site), Saudi Arabia.
Contract type
Full time
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About Role

As a “Quality & Documentation Control Engineer”, your role is pivotal in ensuring top-tier quality control and effective document management in the project execution department. You will collaborate closely with Site and Project Managers to devise and execute quality improvement strategies and proficiently manage project documentation. Your responsibilities encompass assessing documentation audiences and needs, collecting essential data, organizing information for audience comprehension, and creating final documents. Your ability to simplify complex information is key to achieving successful outcomes in this role.


  • Quality Control:
  • Conduct regular quality checks & audits, ensuring adherence to safety & quality regulations.
  • Develop and implement quality standards and control procedures.
  • Monitor quality performance, promptly identifying and resolving project execution & quality issues.
  • Ensure the smooth execution of workflows.
  • Review codes, specifications, and processes.
  • Scrutinize documents for accuracy and compliance before submissions.
  • Ensure that all activities requiring inspection within the project are duly inspected and approved, meeting the required quality standards.
  • Prepare all relevant documents based on quality procedures for both internal and external audits, ensuring timely delivery to contractors, departments, vendors, and clients
  • Documentation Management:
  • Develop documentation templates, work instructions, technical solutions, and improvement plans using input from project teams.
  • Maintain precise records and a structured documentation database (including naming, numbering, labelling, and version control) while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Contribute to the creation of technical documents and manuals, reviewing and authorizing them for internal or external use.
  • Exercise strict control over the flow of documents in and out, encompassing tasks such as scanning, copying, and distribution to relevant stakeholders.
  • Track documents with the utmost confidentiality, ensuring their secure handling and retrieval when needed.
  • Maintain the latest issue of controlled quality documents related to the project at all operational locations, critical for the effective functioning of the Quality Management System.
  • Facilitate the secure disposal of sensitive documents as required.
  • Prepare and update the final project record book, ensuring its timely submission to the client.
  • Monitor the completion of activities, particularly the inspection test records, and follow up on the closure of inspection-related punch items.
  • Process Improvement:
  • Analyze processes to pinpoint areas for enhancement.
  • Implement process improvements to boost efficiency.
  • Foster collaboration with teams to streamline workflows.
  • Training and Support:
  • Train team members in quality control procedures.
  • Provide guidance and support to colleagues regarding documentation requirements.
  • Assist teams in accessing documents through the document management system.
  • Reporting:
  • Generate quality and performance reports.
  • Effectively communicate findings to management.
  • Create and update various logs and registers to facilitate the generation of daily, weekly, and monthly reports.


Desired Qualification & Skills

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or electrical engineering.
  • Preferably possess prior experience in quality control or documentation management, demonstrating knowledge of quality assurance principles, methodologies, and an understanding of user documentation requirements.
  • Exhibit proficiency in quality control tools and methodologies.
  • Exhibit proficiency in document control tools, experience with Aconex is preferred.
  • Proficient in various quality documents such as ITP, RFI, method statements, nonconformance reports, drawings, QCP, NDT reports, WPQ certificates, technical queries, and miscellaneous project contract documents.
  • Display strong documentation and record-keeping capabilities, maintaining a clear, concise writing style with meticulous attention to detail, including spelling and grammar.
  • Display familiarity with regulatory standards and compliance requirements, effectively communicating with cross-functional teams.

Key Competencies:

  • Pay meticulous attention to detail when reviewing documentation and identifying quality issues.
  • Efficiently extract relevant information from extensive data and organize it effectively.
  • Embrace a collaborative mindset and effectively contribute within a team.
  • Display the ability to collect information from diverse sources and collaborate with technical experts.
  • Possess the ability to adapt to changing priorities and evolving project requirements, exhibiting flexibility in managing shifting deadlines and project dynamics.

Desired Soft skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • A Creative thinker/ Analytical Person
  • Disciplined & Initiative-taking.
  • Flexibility / adaptability
  • Results orientation, driven to succeed.
  • A strong collaborator
  • Persuasiveness


This position may require travel to project sites as necessary for project execution and support.

Candidates should be prepared to travel as part of their responsibilities. Travel requirements will vary based on project needs and locations.