Quality Inspector

Quality Inspector

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Job area
Santpedor, Spain.
Contract type
Full time
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As a Quality Inspector, you will have to ensure that the products that enter and leave the company are of the highest quality. 

Carry out technical supervision on product samples and has to objectively prove that it complies with the client's specifications and the specifications decided by the company, following the quality, safety, and environmental policies.

*Inspect, test, and measure products or installations. Verify that the basic quality policies are being complied with.

*Qualify the inspected products with details such as class and rejection status.

*Observe and monitor production operations and tools to ensure compliance with specifications.

*Determine the cause of problems or defects.

*Record test or inspection information, such as weight, temperature, moisture content or class, and quantities inspected or qualified.

*Capture variations for later review and report feedback and possible deviations.

*Inform supervisors or other production personnel of possible problems or defects, as well as help, identify and correct them.