Senior Supervisor

Senior Supervisor

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Melbourne, Australia.
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Full time
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Job Description

Senior Supervisor (Hay level 50)

Solve unique but definite problems. Works systematically: applies well known methods, techniques and tooling (knowledge of a field at bachelor level) to achieve concrete and known results (project wise). Offers professional arguments as the basis for making choices and for convincing the people concerned. Improvement of work processes calls for attention continuously.

Carries out project plan (employable in all projects). Significantly contributes to the project plan. Works systematically. Builds and manages constructive relations with stakeholders (customer; VI; suppliers). Understands all relevant disciplines. Fall back facility very limited necessarily

  • Based on large experience in project-execution, technical skills and experience with Vanderlande equipment, capable to work as trouble shooter in every project all over the world.
  • Trains less experienced supervisors abroad in project execution
  • Organize on-site installation activities.
  • Create a save working environment during the project installation phases.
  • Work according the agreed sequence and project schedule.
  • Proper preparation of the startup of the installation of the equipment.
  • Organize proper unloading and site logistics
  • Delegate responsibility of the installation to the foreman of the subcontractors.
  • Lead by example.
  • Work according the C05 processes.
  • Perform quality checks on installation.
  • Provide proper feedback about progress and status.
  • Create and support a high-quality hand over to commissioning.
  • Support commissioning during the testing phase.
  • Organize all site related activities until handover to costumer.
  • Is aware of all site related costs and work within the budgets.