Customer: Heathrow Airport, Great Britain

Heathrow is one of the most well-known airports globally. Britain’s aviation hub facilitates 1,293 flights per day, which equates to around 200,000 passengers heading to popular locations such as New York, Dubai and Hong Kong. As the volume of air traffic shows no signs of abating, the UK is currently short of hub-airport volume. Heathrow is operating at 98% capacity.

The airport needed to overcome the ageing infrastructure at Terminal 3 (T3) and pool all of the departure and arrival baggage under one roof (Terminal 3 Integrated Baggage). In addition, Heathrow had to increase its baggage capacity per hour, improve the minimum connection times between T3 and T5, and reduce the number of physical bag lifts. This all had to be achieved while live operations continued as normal.

Vanderlande overcame these challenges by delivering an integrated solution combining both technology and software. This included HELIXORTER tilt-tray sorters, two BAGLOAD early-build robots, 72 STACK@EASE manual-handling devices and VIBES high-level controls software. Heathrow now benefits from a 38.5% increase in baggage capacity, improved safety and ergonomics, and reduced mishandled bag rates.


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