Controls Project Engineer

Controls Project Engineer

secteur d'activité
, Hong Kong.
Type de contrat
Full time

CPE – Control Project Engineer

Job Description

Participate in system design –
+ Advise and reviews projects in the sales phase (compliancy check) – Translate and optimize the as sold functionality to a working LLC design within the budget available in co-operation with other disciplines (LLC, HLC, Installation etc.)
+ Identify specials and coordinate design
+ Be able to recognize project risks and technical problems and react proactive

Create / configure LLC software-
+ Create detail design, based on a system design and control architecture
+ Realise controls applications and integrate into (sub)systems based on LLC design and standards (build and configure, generate / program)
+ Implement project specific software functions

Commission LLC software –
+Execute pre-commissioning (I/O, MRT, cabinet functionality etc.)
+Execute commissioning (functionality, capacity, requirements)
+Jointly execute LLC integration (area to area, 3PS equipment, SCADA)
+Execute volume testing together with project team (flows, capacity, redundancy)

Test and validate software
+Create documentation and a test and validation plan (FAT, SAT) based on MTP, for own work field and tune with other disciplines
+Create module and interface tests on the basis of validation strategy
+Execute tests in house and/or on site including creating/supporting integration tests

Plan, report and teamwork –
+Create detailed LLC planning from overall project plan
+Reports progress to Project Leader Engineering
+Delivers scope with predictable quality in time and within budget

Continuous improvement –
+Transfer knowledge to other engineers –
+Initiates improvements in content, process and tooling –Feeds back lessons learned from the project into product, process and tooling
+Build Reputation with Customers
+Create effective and good working relationships with all departments to ensure that customer expectations are exceeded

Drive To Win
+Ensure all requests are dealt with efficiently, ensuring employees have everything required in order to carry out their daily duties

Everyday Better
+Responsible for the continuous improvement of policies and procedures as well as learning continuously and developing professional potential and ability

Safe Base & We Care
+Support a safe working environment within business development through championing and encouragement of a safety first culture

Your Profile

– Hard Skills
1. Able to develop LLC code in relevant platforms (Siemens S7 series)
2. Has knowledge SCADA applications in relevant platform (WinCC, WinCC OA, WonderWare10
3. Able to develop safety systems using relevant platform (Siemens S7-F, PILZ, conventional, …)
4. Has knowledge of IT network designs
5. Able to perform health and safety risk analysis on component and system level
6. Understands material handling systems on a system level at an expert level with preference for Airport Specific technologies
7. Has knowledge of customer processes in relevant market segments
8. Has knowledge of Electromechanical components, cabinets and field wiring
9. Has knowledge of test strategies / test methods / risk analysis and relevant tooling (IBM Quality Center and Doors, UFT / QTP, emulation tooling, …)
10. Has knowledge of material handling equipment with preference for Airport Specific technologies (Airports Conventual equipment, ICS, ASRS, loops, …)
11. Has knowledge of relevant engineering processes
12. Has knowledge of business process automation (HLC)

13. 2 to 5 years of experience executing material handling system or similar industrial technology projects

– Soft Skills
1. Strong communication skills
2. Somebody who takes the initiative
3. A Creative thinker/ Problem Solver
4. Discipline
5. Flexibility / adaptability
6. Results orientation, driven to succeed
7. A strong team player
8. Persuasiveness