Sr Lead Installer

Job area Project management
Location Marietta (Atlanta), United States of America
Contract type Full time


A Mechanical Lead will assist with the installation, assembly, dismantling, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of machinery.

Essential Functions (Job Duties and Responsibility):

·     Works with industry-specific and high complex precision machines including but not limited to High Speed Sorters, all types of conveyors, hydraulic systems, pumps, gears, bearings, compressors, etc.

·     Supervises fitting bearings, aligning gears and wheels, attaching motors and connecting belts according to manufacturer’s blueprints and drawings

·     Supervises the dismantling of machinery using hammers, wrenches, crowbars and other hand tools

·     Supervises unloading, inspecting, moving and setting of equipment into position using cranes, hoists, dollies, rollers and trucks

·     Supervises rigging and hoisting devices such as chokers, chain falls and come along to move equipment / materials into place

·     Supervises up to 10 men

Required Qualifications, Education and Experience:

  • Must have 5 to 7 years of experience as in mechanical installations

·     Must be able to meet all physical demands – see below

·     Must have experience using industrial hand tools and power tools

·     Must have OSHA 10 or above

Preferred Qualifications:

  •  Must have reliable transportation and be able to work 7 days as needed
  •  Experience working as a mechanical installer on a new construction project.
  • Formal/technical education  required
  • Know how to read blueprints, schematic drawings and engineering specifications and understand how to read and interpret technical manuals in order to determine work procedures

Knowledge-Skills-Abilities (Competencies):

  • Must have all Journeymen hand tools – see tool list
  • Working knowledge of cables, ropes, hoists, and chains
  • Organization and time management skills
  • Knowledge of math concepts, geometry, and layout
  • Good reading comprehension
  • Ability to work with others – team player
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