Project management

You must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win

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Project managers take ultimate responsibility for what they do, which includes the strict supervision of all disciplines involved. The goal is to oversee the seamless installation and integration of a system within the customer's operational processes. Project managers must also go the extra mile to ensure customers experience as little disruption as possible during migration.

Each project is unique, which means that we engage different competences within the project management team. As such, site managers and supervisors, project leaders, planning specialists, executive managers, project support staff and construction managers all play a distinct and valuable role in achieving Vanderlande’s common goal – complete customer satisfaction.

We believe in the matrix as the most appropriate organisational concept, and the scrum as the most practical daily tool for this area of our work, in which customer needs are always leading. We also believe in taking individual responsibility within the team framework.

You must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win

What about you?
To work effectively in such an environment, you will need to enjoy challenges, relish adventure and rely on competent colleagues. You will be working in a varied team, in which each specialist has their own unique set of professional skills and experience. Your job is to ensure that all of these abilities seamlessly complement each other in the realisation of smooth project implementation.

You will need a full understanding of what needs to be achieved – and to identify the appropriate personnel – by taking a helicopter perspective. Decisions taken at the design and engineering stage have a major impact on the final costs of a project, so you will need to keep a firm handle on deadlines and suppliers, as well as any safety aspects.

In addition, you will need to build credibility and earn the respect of your team members. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of how performance, timing and costs interact, and using your better judgement will be crucial in assigning day-to-day priorities.

We not only offer a competitive salary and working conditions, but we also provide huge job satisfaction to those who appreciate each day being different to the one before.




Project management

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