Senior Software Engineer (JAVA)

Job area Software
Location Veghel, Netherlands
Contract type Full time

Keywords: Java, OpenGL, Actual programming, Non-web, No database

Are you fed up with SQL, database transactions, HTLM, CSS or Javascript and would you like to do some actual programming on 3D emulation models? Then this is the perfect, next step in your career!

Your responsibilities

As a Senior Software Engineer, you are responsible for all aspects of software engineering. You talk to colleagues to find out what to build. You also design, discuss, and implement the solution. In our team we build emulation software, which tries to mimic the relevant behaviour of a physical warehouse or airports system.

Why emulation?

Vanderlande uses a collection of software components to control our solutions, and these components need to be tested. Because Vanderlande is a global market leader, we deliver large systems, in which it's not unusual to have more than 200.000 trays in one system. Now imagine trying to do a full scale test, the effort it would take to put all those trays in their initial position, and to put them back for the second run. Avoiding this is the purpose of our emulation model, it allows the integration team to run full scale tests without the usual required effort and cost, and it allows them to start testing before the physical system is completed.

How do we do that?

The software we write is highly complicated, it has to emulate all the quirks of the real system, while still maintaining performance. We want to be able to run our model on a standard laptop, which makes performance a challenge. This means our job isn't just to write working readable code, but also to write performant code. The main challenge in our day to day job is finding the correct abstraction: “How can we leave out as much as possible without sacrificing the relevant details and still allowing users and developers to comprehend the logistic process?”.

Therefore, we're looking for someone with an affinity for technology who's also a competent programmer, with experience in Object Oriented Programming, preferably Java or C# or C++.

Your qualifications and skills

If you’re an experienced, enthusiastic and versatile software engineer, you should have knowledge of:

  • Master of Bachelor Degree in a technical field, preferably Computer Science or Software Engineering;
  • Proficient with Java, or alternatively any other object oriented language such as C# or C++;
  • Interested in working with graphs (nodes and edges), complex software in a challenging domain;
  • Fluent in English or Dutch.

Our company

Vanderlande is the global leader for value-added logistic process automation at airports and in the parcel market, as well as a leading supplier of process automation solutions for warehouses. In this world of technology, we believe in people – especially those who are totally dedicated, customer-driven and keen to continue learning throughout their career.

This is embraced by our Vanderlande Academy and International Talent Development programmes, with over 800 courses conducted every year. The focus is on freedom while being trusted to deliver, and this is one of the reasons why we received the highest rating of three stars in the Best Employer survey (The Netherlands).

If you’re ambitious and take your long-term career seriously, then please contact us to explore this global opportunity to join a company at the top of its game. For more information or to apply for this challenging position, please visit

Your application

If the role of Senior Software Engineer (JAVA) appeals to you, then please apply now by completing the application form, and uploading your CV and covering letter. For more information, please contact Mirre Sengers, Senior Recruiter on 0413-495288 or

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