Supply chain

We see the bigger picture and how the pieces fit together

What we do
The equipment contained within our systems typically comprises hundreds, or even thousands, of components and parts. Every one is important. After all, we know about chains and weak links. That's why our Supply Chain department is crucial.

Firstly, it ensures that every part we purchase offers the best possible performance at the best possible price. It also works towards meaningful long-term relationships with suppliers and establishing ways of working that safeguard consistency in quality.

This is not as easy as it sounds, especially when working with suppliers across India, Western Europe, China and the USA. This makes supply chain management an adventurous and challenging field in which to work.

We see the bigger picture and how the pieces fit together

What about you?
Do you have what it takes to work in sourcing, category management, purchasing or supply chain coordination? You will need to think in processes rather than products, and teams rather than departments. In addition, you will enjoy taking responsibility for your decisions, and understand that a degree of pressure comes with the territory.

You will need to bridge the gap between specifications and their feasibility in the market, and appreciate that the platform on which you operate is always moving – in every sense of the word.

Liaising closely with research and development, engineering, project management and manufacturing on site, you will also spend time with our financial departments. You will develop contacts throughout the entire organisation – which is never a bad thing, in terms of advancing your career.

Supply chain is an area that offers great potential. You will enjoy on-the-job diversity, innovation, travel and – perhaps most importantly of all – excitement. You will deepen and widen your expertise, and work on state-of-the-art systems throughout the world.




Supply chain

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