Bringing data to life

It’s amazing what we can learn from data. I work with the huge amount of different types of data that Vanderlande systems generate all over the world. My job is to collect, understand and process it to unlock the hidden insights within it. By doing this, we make data from our systems more accessible and easier to use for the rest of the organisation, as well as our customers, to bring value to their operations and help them incorporate it into their daily activities.


Oumayma Ajengui

Data Engineer

I started my career in the data field in 2016 after completing my studies in computer science, with a focus on business intelligence and big data. In early 2019, I joined Vanderlande as a data engineer. As an IT specialist and by working with data, I’ve become more knowledgeable about our systems, and I help our customers to become more data-driven. I also love going on site visits and seeing how the systems work in practice, so I can match all that I’ve been building and interpreting from data with what’s happening in real life. In this way, data comes to life. Through these visits, we are also able to validate what we have built and the tangible products we deliver, as well as close any feedback loops and ensure customer satisfaction.

I like to challenge myself and make a positive impact – that’s why I chose to work for Vanderlande. We provide a service – a concrete solution – and we can see the results of our work on a daily basis, as well as the impact we are making. At Vanderlande, ‘working in silos’ is something we try to avoid – by actively collaborating and interacting with many stakeholders. I like having a network, exchanging knowledge with people from different backgrounds, building and maintaining relationships internally and externally. You never get bored here and every day is a new adventure with new challenges to solve. Data is our fuel and challenges are our source of energy and motivation, and this combination makes our days successful and meaningful here.

Data engineers are becoming more visible to other departments in Vanderlande. Awareness is growing of our crucial role in the company’s digital journey, and this helps us to move faster with the data products we are building.

There are many opportunities here as we are a growing team and Vanderlande is growing too. I like working with data and pushing myself to bring more value from it. Data is an important asset, especially when used at the right time and given to the right people. It can help enhance their system’s performance and enable them to become more proactive.

I’m curious about the world. I like to keep exploring – you can never reach the end, that’s my attitude to life.