We’re all in this together

Since I first visited Vanderlande during my studies, I knew I wanted to work here. I was blown away by the innovative systems and equipment I saw. And that’s why, after four years of employment, I still love my job as a Mechanical Project Engineer, working for the parcel and the warehousing teams.


Melissa Michielsen

Mechanical Project Engineer

In my job, I am involved in many aspects of a project. In the smaller ones, I have an overview across all stages: from sales to engineering, up to delivery to the customer. Bigger projects are usually bundled. When this is the case, it is my job to ensure that the engineering aspects across the entire bundle remain consistent.

I can adopt many solutions from previous projects, but I’m always looking for improvements. If changes are made, we also need to adjust the earlier projects and the ones that follow. This continuous improvement process really gives me a thrill.

Engineering globetrotter

What I really like, is the international aspect of my job. I’m in the office one day, and the next day I’m on site to see the systems in place! When a problem occurs, I try to think of a solution before visiting the site. Once there, we can resolve issues by putting the pieces together, just like a puzzle.

When COVID-19 struck, it was not possible to travel to sites. However, thanks to clear communication with local colleagues and proactively discussing solutions beforehand, we were able to face challenges together. What I liked about those times was that we all ended up sitting at each other’s kitchen tables – virtually of course! I learned so much about other people’s cultures, traditions and dialects.

A holiday with colleagues

When I tell people I like to go on vacation with colleagues, they tend to look at me like I’m crazy. However, it really is the truth! Everybody is free to be who they are. We all count! That’s what I experienced when Vanderlande organised a skiing trip. The vibe was good and we make a great team, even when we’re not at the office.

Every day better

For me, every day is different. I have worked on many projects that vary in size. I learn new things every day, which makes my work both challenging and rewarding. I want to do better every day and so does my team. We’re all in this together and take responsibility for the projects that need to be delivered.

I learned a good lesson from a colleague: a problem is no longer a problem if you have the right mindset. Just change it into an opportunity along the way!

At Vanderlande, I feel supported in my professional and personal growth. My manager challenges me, but ensures I’m not taking steps that are too big. We’ve discussed my personal development path and, thanks to the Vanderlande Academy, I have signed up to take part in many courses. My confidence keeps growing and that’s why I love my journey at Vanderlande every day.