Collection and use of personal data

Vanderlande collects personal information about its (potential) customers, business relations, candidates and employees, social media followers, website visitors, physical visitors on our local sites and visitors of our events around the globe. Regarding our website visitors, this information is mostly limited to the types of information that can be found on a business card: first name; last name; job title; employer name; work address; work email; and work phone number. We use this information to provide the required information to the right customer contacts, as well as other parties related to our goods and services.

Vanderlande does never sell any personal information to anyone and only share it with third parties who are facilitating the delivery of Vanderlande services.

Information gathering

Request for contact or information

f you are curious about what Vanderlande could do for you, please contact Vanderlande (head office) or a local branch in your country. This can be done by telephone or via the online contact form on the Website(s).

Online contact form

If you request Vanderlande to provide information, make contact or schedule an appointment with you, you will need to provide at least the following personal data via the online contact form in order for this request to be processed: 

  • company
  • first and last name
  • email address.

Depending on your request or question, you may also be asked to provide the following personal data:

  • role
  • telephone number (if you wish for Vanderlande to call you).

Email newsletter

If you wish to receive Vanderlande’s free email newsletter, you will need to provide at least the following personal data:

  • company
  • first and last name
  • email address
  • area of interest.

This data will be used to send you the free email newsletter and contact you (if applicable). At all times you are able to unsubscribe from our newsletter via one simple mouse click. 
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Physical visitors of our local subsidiaries

In order to provide a secure place to work, authorized staff and physical visitors are granted access to the Vanderlande compound in Veghel and our local subsidiaries around the world.

Our Veghel Campus Access Control Policy (VCAC), or at least parts of it, will be applicable in more Vanderlande sites. Our customer reception process includes stringent access control to enable visitors gaining a better customer journey and feel safe. It helps Vanderlande to guarantee employees and visitors safety at Vanderlande sites and enables public services to act adequately in case of emergency.
Three data flows are involved that may contain your personal data:

  1. Employees & Contractors;
  2. Regular Visitors/suppliers;
  3. Guests.

The policy applies instruments like Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), barriers, detection gates, company pas, Compound Security Officer supervision and of course the visitor registration process as a whole. The CCTV process is described in a separate Data Protection Impact Analyses.

ANPR  (Automobile Number Plate Recognition) 

  • ANPR  is used to help identify our guests.


  • To monitor the fence around the campus (border  control) and main street on campus for protection of our properties. See people who are trying to get in our campus. Our CCTV cameras are not equipped with facial recognition as that would imply processing Biometrics, which would be categorised as special personal data.


  • To limit the access of cars and motorbikes to only access for authorized staff,  visitors and suppliers.

Detection gates  

  • To limit the access of pedestrians and cyclists to only access for authorized staff,  visitors and suppliers.

Company pas 

  • To grant access to our employees, contractors and apprentices with a company pas.

Compound Security Officer Supervision 

  • To support people who want to have access to our campus who do not have a valid company card, to guide unauthorized visitors friendly to the exit, to add license plate numbers into the system in case a new or temporary car is not properly registered.

Visitor Registration Process 

  • To make sure visitors are properly registered in time in order to grant the access during one day. Here we also register extra services like additional information about food preferences in case our guest will be invited for lunch or dinner. The business need to process this data is to optimise our hospitality concept by collecting the name and company name of our visitors, so we know which visitors we can expect (for security reasons) and to give them a warm welcome when they arrive.

Supplier screening

In some security sensitive situations Vanderlande is held to take extra precautions to allow our suppliers access to certain customer sites, for instance airports. Here we have the obligation to screen of our suppliers. Vanderlande does take this security measure very serious as we want to execute this process as fair as possible and in compliance with data privacy laws like GDRP. Therefore, below topics inform you about additional selection process steps.

In order to comply with our legal obligation (EU law and other local laws) Vanderlande is obligated to screen job candidates whether they are registered on anti-terror lists, like the EU terror list (European Union Enhancements list). As this implies special data, Vanderlande has contracted external partners, all Independent Controllers, to screen persons against several international terror lists. When applicable, upfront we do confirm to an applicant a screening is part of the selection process.
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Job Applicants 

Process diligence

Vanderlande takes the hiring process of applicants very serious. The primary objective is the find the best possible candidate who will be able to fulfil the job requirements with competence and pleasure for a specific vacancy. We want to execute this process as fair as possible and in compliance with data privacy laws like GDPR. Therefore, below topics inform you about additional selection process steps.

In order to comply with our legal obligation (EU law and other local laws) Vanderlande is obligated to screen job candidates whether they are registered on anti-terror lists, like the EU terror list (European Union Enhancements list). As this implies special data, Vanderlande has contracted external partnersall Independent Controllersto screen persons against several international terror lists. Candidates who fail this obligatory external background check will be rejected for the position in scope. When applicable, upfront we do confirm to an applicant a screening is part of the selection process. 

We will store this data with a limited retention time for a maximum of 4 weeks in the Netherlands and 3 months for Germany and England). 

Data Retention of recruitment process  

Most countries have special laws and directives in place on how long companies are entitled to store personal data. The same goes for the personal candidate dataWhen applying at Vanderlande using your candidate personal home account you can give your consent to lengthen the maximum storage time. If you do not want to give us your consent, Vanderlande will store your candidate data for the default storage time provided by the law in the applicable country. The table below emphasizes this might differ per country law by showing you the legal retention term for candidate records in three countries with and without consent. For this reason Vanderlande has access to most global data retention regulations and tables. 

Data Retention Terms Applicant Files  
Country No Consent Consent Starting from
Netherlands 4 weeks 1 year Day of rejection
Germany 3 months )1 6 months )1 Day of rejection
France 0 days (min) 2 years Day of vacancy completion
)1 based upon jurisprudence term can be twice this long.


When you apply for a job at Vanderlande via our applicant website, you will be asked to provide us your consent, for example for storing your personal candidate home account details, as we respect the privacy of our job candidates. This Privacy Notice sets forth how we will use the information we obtain when you do apply for a position through our career site and your personal candidate home account. We kindly encourage you to keep your home account and your application profile data up to dateAlso during the application process we kindly request your consent for the following: 

  1. to store your candidate home account till you will request deletion of the account via an unsubscribe e-mail or via the deletion button in your account. In case you will not make use of your account during the next 3 years, Vanderlande will delete your candidate home account automatically. 
  2. to store your job candidate profile, even after the application term has closed, for the lengthened term as shown in the table below (even if also if your application does not result in a job offer now). 
  3. to offer you other matching job opportunities in future elsewhere in the Vanderlande group.  

 Applicant screening against anti-terror lists 

When you apply via our applicant websiteVanderlande also might be obligated to follow certain security measures like screeningOf course, we will not hold information about criminal convictions as a company  Yet, as required by the European Commission and local anti-terror laws and anti-money laundry regulations, Vanderlande needs to take adequate precautions. In some specific industries such as the aviation industry, overlapping organisations like IATA, require Vanderlande to check job applicants before finalizing the hiring process. This might be involving you in a screening against multiple anti-terror lists, executed via external partners, who act as independent controller. As such we will not be informed about the exact list that resulted in a positive match with a list of such a candidate. This enables Vanderlande to reject a candidate and remain compliant with the legal obligations without the processing of any special categories of personal data.  Some relevant regulations we are referring at are: 

We will only collect this information if it is appropriate given the nature of your role and where the law allows us to do so. This will usually be where such processing is necessary to carry out our obligations, provided that we act in line with our Data Protection Policy. We may collect this information as part of the recruitment process or we may be notified of such information directly by you in the course of you working for us.  


See our current HR Workforce Privacy Notice for further information on how we process your personal data as an employee of Vanderlande.

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