Moving the business forward during Major Incidents

At Vanderlande, we always put our customers first. When an incident occurs, our clients can always connect with us via our Customer Service Desk. They are an important link between different service organizations and the customers. But what happens in case of a Major Incident? Our colleague Marc Fransen tells us more.


Marc Fransen

Senior Escalation & Crisis Manager

I’m a Senior Escalation & Crisis Manager, working for Vanderlande for almost four years now. I’m a part of Major Incident Management. When an incident cannot be solved within the regular process, it will be escalated to a higher level. The Service Desk checks for contributable factors; for example, when the incident has an extremely high impact level for the customer. The demand for coordination and communication increases and that’s when incidents become Major Incidents. From then on, Major Incident Management will take the lead.

In case of a Major incident, several roles need to cooperate. That’s what I love about my job. I need to manage the crisis as a whole, but thanks to the cooperation of all parties involved, we make sure that we have the right (technical) experts involved, collaborate with business leads to ensure our customer stays up to date as well as our internal stakeholders. In this case it really is ‘in a world of technology a belief in people’ because it’s the human component that makes the difference.

What makes managing a crisis so interesting? It’s the combination of challenge, leadership and cooperation. True Senior Escalation & Crisis Managers love a good, technical challenge where they can dive into. It is rewarding to bring the crisis to a good ending. Every incident is a challenge. But working with different customers, experts and technologies really gives me a thrill. I enjoy achieving a combined result greater than the sum of the individual parts. In my opinion, that’s when the magic happens.

I enjoy working with Vanderlande because of the many possibilities to grow and, most importantly, the culture and people. We have a Vanderlande Academy which facilitates us in our personal and professional development, leading technical experts in their field to support, consult and a culture which encourages people to collaborate, work together and help each other. This brings out the best in people and ensures we have the ability to exceed our customers’ expectations every day.

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