Talent development

Working for Vanderlande is about much more than putting your talent to effective use. It’s about the ongoing development of that talent, in pursuit of a meaningful career. Within our rapidly growing, team-oriented and hugely dynamic working environment, we offer multiple opportunities to learn on the job – and that’s just the beginning.

Vanderlande is dedicated to enhancing the collective capabilities of its employees, as well as individual growth, and goes to considerable lengths to realise both. This not only means sharing your talents with others, but also embarking on specific training routes that hone your communication and cooperation skills, as well as your efficiency levels.

We provide a wide range of programs to boost your growth and career development. This could be leadership or talent development, or programs to encourage your personal effectiveness. All courses take your communication and teamwork skills to the next level, or boost your performance in your current role.

In addition, there is an international focus, giving you the chance to embark on an intensive development journey with your colleagues from around the world. These courses are designed to increase your network, stimulate cross-cultural awareness and create successful working relationships with your co-workers.

In our Talent Acceleration Programme, you will join the ‘global fast lane’ in making the most of your abilities, together with other rising stars at Vanderlande. The programme uniquely combines elements of personal growth with business themes relevant to the company’s strategy.

There are also leadership programs that provide the chance to network with the leaders of tomorrow, personal effectiveness training courses for experts or project managers, and Young Vanderlande – a network for young professionals within the organisation. Individually tailored learning opportunities can also be created appropriate to the current stage of your career and the sector in which you operate.

These are targeted at a higher academic and professional level, which makes them both challenging and rewarding – and an integral part of employment at Vanderlande.