Young Vanderlande

At Vanderlande, we recognise our younger colleagues as the leaders of tomorrow. That’s why they are connected through Young Vanderlande, an active, enthusiastic community for those in the early stages of their careers. Here, they exchange experiences, trade insights and swap stories of successes and challenges, in an informal setting designed to develop their roles within the company.

Each year, Young Vanderlande organises a wide range of small and large events. They feature inspirational speakers, thought-provoking workshops, meet-and-greet lunches with board members, business case presentations, on-site company visits and informal gatherings. The goal is personal development, with more than just a hint of networking opportunities. Interdepartmental cooperation is a recurring theme.

Does this sound like your kind of thing? To reap the benefits of membership, and as the name suggests, you just have to be “young” and employed by Vanderlande. The committee in charge (six of our dynamic colleagues) encourages individual initiatives, and suggestions for future events, so long as they promote teamwork, adventure and personal development.