We have to adapt our systems in a rapidly changing world

What we do

System design is a vital and versatile aspect of producing logistic solutions that are effective 24/7/365. In developing them, our team busily supports all of our market segments, processes and customers (internal and external). Based on customer requirements, the Systems group offers assistance during every phase of the project, from design to implementation.

Our highly skilled and passionate engineers play a major role in the delivery of every system. In addition to having specialist knowledge, they have a multidisciplinary overview of all other functional areas involved. Their overall drive and experience enables them to quickly assess the key aspects of a solution. They are also encouraged to develop new technologies, and act as sparring partners for both internal stakeholders and customers.

3D modelling is used to understand and predict the intricacies of these complex systems, and we often find the best software for this purpose is our own. As a result, we can set up simulation studies with limited lead times to solve day-to-day challenges. This is achieved without losing the capability to undertake longer studies when the situation arises.

Our skilled Java software engineers create emulation models that test high-level controls software in a realistic way. Thorough testing in simulated environments allows us to reduce on-site installation times and risk. By working closely with specialists across different customer centres, tailor-made systems can be quickly and effectively designed, tested and priced.

What about you?

A deep understanding of design is indispensable for those seeking a career in Systems. You need to know the theory, understand the practice and be enthusiastic about creating innovative logistic solutions that surpass our customers’ expectations.

As well as having a sense of adventure to push the boundaries, an appreciation that the team’s performance should always be leading, and a desire to be continually challenged are required. Bringing together the needs of both our customers and the Sales department, and harnessing the potential of our technology is not easy. Creating the system that satisfies all requirements is the ultimate challenge.

This can only be met by understanding market needs and business realities, as well as technological possibilities. For you, that will mean liaising with the R&D department and various project teams. Successful system engineers are innovative and entrepreneurial, and draw immense satisfaction from working as part a team.

Our Systems jobs