Scaling new heights with the best technologies and learning opportunities

Trekking enthusiast Ashwini Salunkhe once undertook an 11-day journey to Everest Base Camp. Since joining Vanderlande’s Global Capability Centre in Pune, India, just over a year ago, this software architect is also scaling new heights in her career and enjoys working with cutting-edge digital technologies.


Ashwini Salunkhe

Software Architect

As a software architect working in the company’s warehousing domain, I’m helping to create an entirely new software development platform. The chance to build something from scratch really attracted me to Vanderlande, along with the opportunity to use modern technologies.

It’s so different from my previous job in financial services, where I was working with legacy applications. At Vanderlande, I’m exploiting the most exciting tech stack available anywhere, which includes the cloud, microservices, docker and kafka kubernetes. You name it, we have it. This is true heaven for technology passionate people like me.

It has been steep learning curve especially with domain knowledge, but I have received excellent support since day one. When I onboarded with Vanderlande, I never really felt like a newcomer. My colleagues have helped me build my knowledge, not only of the tools and technologies, but also about the warehousing domain.

We have multiple teams around the world working on platform development, and I can reach out to anyone of them for support or share my views about the product. Everyone is friendly, clear in communication, and helpful. There are no barriers based on location, which is something I find really cool about Vanderlande.

There are also amazing learning and development opportunities, which are designed to suit everyone’s personal requirements. I have taken courses that have been vital to my role, covering subjects as varied as cybersecurity and project management. Vanderlande is also providing me with opportunities to complete external certifications that will help to build my knowledge and career.

I also like the company’s culture and values. Inclusion is a priority at Vanderlande and it’s a place where your voice will be heard. Recently, I was nominated by my manager to join our gender diversity mentorship programme, which helps female employees grow in their roles and become future leaders.

I work with people based in North America and Europe, but the company recognises these demands and ensures that my working hours are flexible. This is also important for me as the parent of a young child. Having a good work life balance is key to your success in the long run.

I enjoy working in an international environment and travel is one of my great personal passions. I like exploring new places and always try to do something memorable to mark special occasions. In addition, I always take some time out to meditate, do yoga and focus on future and do what I enjoy.

My goal is to become a successful architect in Vanderlande and provide solutions to our customers. I’m in a great place to work, where I’m learning from people who have decades of experience with the company, combined with the top-notch technologies and learning and development opportunities. It’s the perfect mix for a software architect.

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