Vanderlande Academy

Since it was established in 2008, the Vanderlande Academy has been committed to delivering industry-leading training, guidance and support to the company’s employees all over the world. It now conducts a wide range of technical – and non-technical – courses and programs to reinforce and enhance your professional skills, knowledge and abilities.

Our extensive services are available to everyone regardless of your current position, skill level, business sector or geographical location. The Vanderlande Academy utilises a cross-platform approach, which takes the form of e-learning techniques, virtual classrooms, animations, video recording, and traditional, classroom-based training.

At all times, we align ourselves with the strategy and business interests of Vanderlande, and proactively adjust our training programs and initiatives accordingly. Our approach safeguards the technical proficiency of our colleagues, and ensures that all knowledge is up-to-date, relevant and applicable. This is an important responsibility for our certified tutors and ensures that the high-level of quality – that we are renowned for globally – is upheld.

The Academy has formed partnerships with preferred suppliers and external knowledge centres, such as universities, to further strengthen the service we provide. In addition, we ensure that all our tutors are fully versed in the latest training methods and communication tools. Our training schemes are also culturally sensitive, and make use of locally-based instructors.

We have already achieved significant results through the project management workshop, our international onboarding process and the ‘train the trainer’ workshop.

The principal vision of the Vanderlande Academy is to support your professional ambitions, and help you to build a career that you can be proud of. We are dedicated to working closely with those who take responsibility for their working lives, and our aim is to facilitate your progress in your chosen sector.