Everything we build begins with the strongest foundations

What we do

Our electrical, mechanical, control system and other engineers play vital roles in first designing – and then installing – the systems that meet our customers’ needs. This extends from system architecture to practical integration, and all of the steps in-between. As we are involved in a wide range of projects, this implies a large diversity in both tasks and areas of specialty.

Sometimes the focus will be up front, on design. On other occasions, it will be further downstream, in subsystem installation, process integration or stress testing. A number of functions are performed at our corporate headquarters, while others are conducted on location. Some of our engineers get to spend 80% of their time on the road, but for others this figure is much less.

In all cases, practical performance and reliability are the ultimate goals, and the technical challenges can be fascinating. For example, building a new baggage handling system in a confined space, without interrupting the old system. Or integrating new technologies into a warehousing system that handles both large and small products. Or setting up a postal system that is larger, better, faster, more reliable and accurate, and less expensive than that of the competition.

Everything we build begins with the strongest foundations
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What about you?

To achieve these goals, there is no standard blueprint. If you work in our engineering teams, you are expected to not only meet high professional standards, but also to adapt easily to changing situations. You must enjoy challenges, relish thinking ‘outside the box’, value your colleagues’ input and helping one another realise your potential.

If that sounds like the type of person you are, then we can offer you an adventurous environment in which rapid growth and systematic innovation go hand in hand. In addition, numerous personal development opportunities (particularly in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America) will present themselves to you.

It will be your responsibility to grab these opportunities with both hands, while seeing the world and developing your professional skills. The latter is a must, because we have a reputation as the best employer in our field and we believe that requires the best employees in the field – you.





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